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Endless applications

Virocid® can be applied in a versatile way, without having to add any additives:

A foam lance with medium pressure with compressed air (25 bar) is enough to make Virocid® foam by itself. The nice white foam shows if every spot has been covered. It also allows for a longer contact time, therefore: superior disinfection results. Dilution: 0.25-0.5%.

No need to add a “carrying agent” to fog Virocid®. The small particles in the air allow for an “aerial disinfection”. Reports of “non corrosive to the fogger” are available from different manufacturers of thermo foggers. Dilution: 1-2L product +3 L water/1000 m³

Virocid® can be applied as an alternative to (carcinogenic) formaldehyde through our special nozzle. Tested on hundreds of thousands of hatching eggs!
(*Not permitted in every country). Dilution: 10% through special nozzle.

Do ask for our formaldehyde free hatchery program with applications for desinfection of hatching eggs, equipment and in the hatcher during pipping (not permitted in every country).

Virocid® is approved by the VDA, the German Automobile Association as “Class A” (non corrosive). Dilution: 0.25-0.5%.

Virocid® has been approved by Munters Int’l. and by the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to remove algae build up and to kill slime forming bacteria. Dilution: 0.33-0.75%.

Virocid® can be sprayed through manual or PTO driven spraying systems. dilution: 0.25-0.5%.

Virocid® is ideal for boot dips, if disinfection baths are adequately used and located on strategic places, they are a good additional measure for biosecurity on the farm. Dilution: 0.5-1%

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